Formal Radio - 24 Hours in 15 Minutes

by Christian Berner, Frank Schültge

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Formal Radio is a portrait of today's radio. It may also sound to you as some strange arty-farty dada rip off, but that is merely a side effect.
It was done by recording and editing tons of audio material from german public radio stations.
Depending on what we found characteristic in a programme, we looked for a fitting method of deconstructing and reassembling the material, in order to turn the inside out.

We were interested in the form of communication rather than in its content, and therefore tried to strip away everything that could maintain any remote affinity to sense.

A rigid focus on just how people communicate in radio might help you to discern the attitude behind the things you are so kindly being offered in your every day radio life. It is still radio, but you probably get informed in a different way.


released October 27, 2015



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